WIP: brezzlicator

A long time passed since i decided to build a new 3D printer.
A buildvolume of 300x300x300mm should be the minimum also a high precision and a easy to use interface for beginners were my goals.

Some time ago the hypercube evolution (short hevo) already catched my attention, it seems very simple, coreXY and also a bowden extruder – exactly what i like!

Following some articles i wrote since the beginning:

26.03.2018: It begins

300×300 needs a lot of power – marckube v2 should be definitively a 24V system.

At banggoood i ordered a 300×300 heated bed (model mk2b), i have great hopes in this thing.
Also i ordered some hammernuts, corner brackets, a radial fan, optical endstops, a inductive npn sensor and a dcdc 5v converter.

Two 300mm trapezoidal threaded spindles bonded directly to NEMA 17 steppers which i ordered in germany are on the way.


I will post a full-featured BOM if i finished the project and the printer is working.



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